Products - InfoTrack Fleet

InfoTrack GPS unit is a self-contained tracking device that can quickly and effectively locate any vehicle. Our new GPS technology that combines the universal coverage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites with cellular based communication cellular provider.

InfoTrack comes with a host of new features that really set it apart from the competition. InfoTrack has been designed to be intuitive from the beginning and has a class leading user experience.

InfoTrack fleet management solution lets fleet officers and managers view multiple interactive maps, each map displayed in its own independently controlled window. For instance, users can display one map showing all vehicles, but use other windows to stay zoomed in on several specific vehicles. This helps fleet officers and managers make better operational decisions by getting the "big picture" while focusing on potential problems and emergent situations in greater detail.

Fleet Director also gives users new abilities to follow the progress of multiple vehicles in a tiled view. Similarly, users can replay the actions of multiple vehicles in a single view. This ability can help resolve disputes and complaints more efficiently. For instance if an enquiry is lodged for a driver and two drivers were in the area, managers can replay both drivers' routes at the same time in the same view to determine which was present at the place and time of the enquiry.

InfoTrack incorporates new additional tool (Nova Route) that calculates the most effective routes for multiple destinations in a given time period. Incorporated within Nova route is the Nova Waybill app where the dispatcher/ fleet officer enters the loading point of the journey, all delivery destinations, start and end time, allowable amount of time spent at each delivery address. The Route Scheduler then calculates the route. Reports and alarms are generated for late delivery, no show delivery etc.... are made available to the fl;eet officer/ manager.

Regular report can be easily set in order to receive them via email automatically, whether daily, weekly or monthly. From these detailed reports you will have access to information on virtually every aspect of your fleet's operation. You can monitor the time spent on the road and at customer sites, to improve customer service and resolve invoicing issues, as well as identify any unauthorised or excessive vehicle use. Report also includes a suite of historical reports, so you can review past fleet and and delivery activity.

InfoTrack will dramatically improve your level of Productivity, Distributionand and Security.

Product Features

  • Tracker Units with Builtin Backup Battery
  • No External Antennas
  • Out of Hours Drive Alarms
  • State Of The Art Mapping
  • Instant Location via SMS
  • Tracking via Smart phones
  • Control Center with Multiple Screens
  • Waybill
  • Fleet Management Service (FMS)
  • Over Speed Alarms
  • Extensive Reports
  • Auto Alarm Reporting
  • Auto Report Generating
  • Driver's Data Base and History

Increase Customer Service

With the real-time knowledge of a vehicle’s location you will now be able to accurately inform clients of expected time of arrival. InfoTrack solution eliminates the guess work of where and when your vehicles will arrive. With access to street level location information you can now provide accurate ETA information, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Notification of Arrival and Departure Information

Gain real-time access to the time of arrival and the time they depart from client location. With arrival and departure time stamps you will have turn around time (TAT) to validate service and enable immediate billing information.

Route Management

The vehicle’s location is displayed on a map providing you detailed information of the current location. Satellite image provides a view of a vehicle’s movements throughout the day understanding the route taken as against specified route and provide insight into any efficiency that could be implemented.

Increase Service Revenue

With the ability to obtain your fleet’s movements throughout the day, you can further gain insight into where route efficiencies can be made and where service overlap occurs. With this knowledge you can reroute, enabling more deliveries to be serviced throughout the day, thereby increasing revenue without increasing operating costs.

Reduce Fuel and Operating Costs

Having access to vehicles movements throughout the day will enable you to ensure routes are being managed and followed according to schedule. Efficient route management will provide fuel savings. With the use of real-time access to location information, fleet officers and managers will understand a vehicles movements and location and be able to adjust calls more efficiently.