• Product design
  • System Architecture

Product design

System Technology and Design

The 12-Channel GPS Satellite Receiver provides the terminal with accurate position, speed and direction information on a second-by-second basis. Using this and the status of the ignition, the system constantly monitors the activity of the vehicle both day and night.

A GPRS data modem links the Nova Track's web servers using the GPRS data network - ensuring that you get the benefit of nationwide coverage from a leading service provider to track your vehicles.

For maximum flexibility the system is designed to work with either 12 or 24V vehicle electrical systems - allowing it to be fitted without modification to cars, light commercial and heavy goods vehicles.

System Architecture

A system built on fault tolerance and active redundancy - to give you peace of mind

Nova Track maintains complete ownership and control of its vehicle tracking technology, from the vehicle terminal through to the tracking system servers and databases.

Key to the system's reliability is an architecture which has been built on fault tolerance and active redundancy – giving you peace of mind that your vehicle tracking system will be reliable and available for use from anywhere.
The key features of the system design include:

  • GPS vehicle tracking, using the latest generation of GPS chip technology
  • Real-time GPRS communication, with fault tolerance and battery backup built in
  • Dual-redundant vehicle tracking servers and database systems based in UK
  • Access to your data through either or via an app downloaded to your mobile handset or tablet